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Perfume represents not only a sweet smell but also a sacred vibe. Notably, in Islam, purity, and cleanliness always played a vital role. Our Prophet also used to appreciate using perfume. Thus, it has still been considered an all-time companion and a nice present to offer.

When you are traveling to Makkah, perfume can also be one of the most excellent options as souvenirs that you can get for your family and friends. Are you worried about the quality of smell and its best source in the holy place?

Nusuki has always been considered as the best option to find the best perfume in Makkah for years. Here, we are presenting one of the perfume collections in Makkah from our store. Let's take a look at them and find your desired one.


Perfume and its history towards Islamic civilization

Humans started using fragrance from ancient times. Though the name perfume has its origin in the Latin word per fumus, it means- through the smoke; the ancient Romans mostly used it. Besides the Romans, Egyptian peoples were also very much fond of perfume that was made by Mesopotamia. This is the history of the 2nd millennium B.C. In the text of Indus, civilization perfume was mentioned by people. Like now, it was a costly and luxurious item back then. Later perfume got popular within the Christian priests.

After all these phases, perfume took a different perspective in the hand of Islamic civilization. Besides the new technique, new materials were also introduced by Islamic scholars to the making of perfume. Gradually perfume became a very integral part of Islam. Mainly, the flower smell, along with the orange and citrus flavor, got its popularity the most.

Later, with the help of famous Muslim scientist Al Kindi and Jabir ibn Hayyan, perfume production received a straightforward process and unique techniques. In the treatise named 'The Medicine of beauty,' writer Al Zahrawi, a Cordoba based physician, has mentioned the massive contribution of Muslim scientists behind the present condition of perfume. Especially the work of Ibn Sina in perfume production still gets praised and used in different countries around the world.

Since then, perfume has been influenced by Crusades, Queen Elizabeth's order, the medical treaty of the 16th century, and many more. Are you now getting perfume much quickly? Armani Code, Chanel perfume, Versace eros, Gucci guilty, Chanel chance, miss Dior, victoria secret perfume, Versace perfume, eau de toilette, bleu de Chanel, tom ford black orchid, Gucci perfume, Burberry perfume or any other brands that you are using- it has crossed a long way to come into your hand. Moreover, its journey has been bestowed by the Muslim scholars.


Why is perfume so significant in Islam?

As was said before, our Prophet was very fond of perfume. According to a hadith of Sahih Bukhari that was directly told by Prophet Muhammad- "Taking a bath on Friday is compulsory ... and the cleaning of the teeth with miswak and the use of perfume, if available".

In short, perfume is considered as a part of cleanliness in Islam. It helps not only to keep yourself clean to you but also help to create a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all the other people around you.


Why should you buy perfume from Nusuki?

Buying a product means investing money. Besides, souvenirs should include a beautiful outlook besides the quality too. You will enjoy all these things from every Nusuki perfume. Moreover, we know what you want! And our impressive collection includes all of your favorite Arabian perfume fragrance.


  • Musk & Rose Perfume
  • Oud Royal Perfume
  • Sandalwood Perfume
  • Nusuki Blend Perfume
  • Oud Kadi Perfume
  • Oud & Amber Perfume
  • Fruity Perfume


Traditional or moderns, fresh and natural- Nusuki signature perfume will help you enhance your style. Are you looking for a fragrance for men or women? We have both for you too!


Perfume expresses emotion, creates an impression and naturally goes with the Islamic culture. So, this time while returning from Makkah, don't forget to take some of the most amazing Nusuki perfume for your family and friends. Trust us; they will love it!

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